Book Reviews on Leadership Is Not About Race 

​​Dr. Teddie Malangwasira’s new book Leadership Is Not About Race: How Leaders and Followers Inspire and Influence Each Other brings ideas about leadership into the twenty-first century by advocating for equal opportunity among leaders—in fact, this book levels the playing field by revealing that we are all leaders in our daily lives. By extension, you do not need to be the stereotypical white, eye-glass wearing, balding, middle-aged or older male to be a leader. Leaders can come from any race, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or other group designation you can imagine.​​
— Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D. and Award-Winning
Author of ​Narrow Lives and ​The Best Place
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Hi Teddie,
I have just finished your lovely book Leadership Is Not About Race. It’s a wonderful book.
  1. Your use of both Malawian and American examples enhances the credibility of the book.
  2. Use of real life examples like those of Mandela and Gandhi make the reader get interested in the way you are developing the theme.
  3. The checklists for being an effective leader and follower are very useful and in fact sum up everything you have written in the 240 pages of the book. These are the core attributes aspiring leaders and followers need to have.
  4. On leadership expectations from society you put a very interesting issue  of “Protect your leader” (Page 139). The Malawian way of protecting a leader is ring fencing him from the outside world. He or she        only listens to the views of those within the ring and the leader becomes hard of hearing.
  5. The personal application sections at the end of each chapter are very useful for readers to reflect on what they have read.
Bravo Teddie for this wonderful book!
— Donald Reuben Kamdonyo, PhD, ACB, CL
Author: Poverty By Choice

Dr. Malangwasira provides useful and actionable insights throughout his book on leadership. The book invites its readers on a journey to find their own path to becoming a better leader. You will learn about different approaches, characteristics, environments, and strategies that foster leadership development. One of the most powerful insights Dr. Malangwasira offers is that there is a crucial need to be an effective follower if you also wish to be an effective leader. The book outlines a number of traditional and contemporary examples for readers that keep the content engaging. I found the questions at the end of each chapter to be the most helpful aspect of the book because it encouraged a direct connection on how the writing could influence my actions as a leader. I recommend this book to readers looking to be challenged in their leadership journeys and seeking a fresh perspective on ways to improve!

 — John Kester III
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